Exide 12/15 12v 15Ah 5 Step Battery Charger

Manufacturer: Exide Chargers
Part Number: 12v/15A
Weight: 0.80kg
Dimensions: 315.00mm (L)
65.00mm (W)
50.00mm (H)
Battery Capacity : 20Ah - 300Ah
Battery Types : All types of 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and GEL)
Charging Voltage : 13.7v - 15.5v
Volt: 12v
Charging Current : 15A Max
Min Battery Voltage : 5V

Price excludes VAT


If you charge your batteries properly they will serve you longer. Exide, one of the world's leading battery manufacturers, has the know-how necessary to produce innovative and high-performance chargers which are also very easy to handle and user-friendly.

Exide chargers can be used for all vehicles and batteries (AGM/gel as well as wet cell batteries). They have a built-in temperature sensor for safety and correct charging to enable them to work even at extreme temperatures. The chargers have a safety function which reports a faulty battery immediately.

Exide chargers guarantee optimum charging. They can be used for batteries from 1Ah to 300Ah. An onboard pocket torch, specially developed clamping clips and a retractable cable ensure very straightforward operation. The chargers meet all your requirements. As the world's largest battery manufacturer, Exide has now developed chargers especially for Exide batteries and all other OEM-quality batteries.

  • A torch integrated at the front helps in the dark
  • An automatic temperature sensor protects the batteries
  • Simple to use - one button controls everything