Exide 12/7 12v 7Ah 5 Step Battery Charger

Manufacturer: Exide Chargers
Part Number: Exide 12/7
Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 225.00mm (L)
50.00mm (W)
50.00mm (H)
Battery Types : All types of 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and GEL)
Charging Voltage : 13.8v Max ( 15.5V Periodically)
Volt: 12v
Charging Current : 7A Max
Min Battery Voltage : 5V
Rated Voltage AC : 220-240V

Price excludes VAT


The Exide 12/7 Battery charger is a modern, high power battery charger. It is the ideal, cost effective charger for users who have high demands on fast, powerful charging of all batteries up to 150AH. The Exide 12/7 provides optimum charging of standard batteries, as well as AGM and GEL.


The Exide 12/7  has a broad range of applications, from car and motorcycle batteries to boat, caravan and tractor batteries. Exide battery chargers are fully automatic and have a built-in temperature compensator, which makes them ideal for all climates. The charger also has integrated safety functions, whereby they can sense if something is wrong with a battery.

With an Exide charger, you need to never worry about a flat battery again. Exide has applied the latest technology to make a battery charger that lives up to the high standards you have come to expect from Exide.



  • Dedicated charge curves for each battery technology, most competitors have compromised charge curves
  • Suitable for all types of lead acid batteries: Flooded, GEL, AGM
  • Suitable for 1AH to 150AH batteries
  • Charging is adapted to battery size and technology.
  • Extra cable for fixed mounting
  • Power supply mode fixed 13.7V for costant power supply or maintenance charge
  • Temperature compensator regulates charge current in hot or enclosed conditions
  • No worries about wrong connections, shorting of charger leads and sparks on contact.
  • No worries about overcharging or undercharging battery, designed for long term connection
  • The Micro-processor constantly monitors the battery condition from initial checking, conditioning or soft start if necessary, to bulk, absorption and float charges.
  • Handy light for ease of use in the dark
  • Microprocessor Control 5-stage Charging profile
  • Safe – Double insulated design and construction, robust rubber cables
  • IP54 rated ( dust and splash proof)
  • 2 year  warranty