Lucas Premium LP078

Manufacturer: Lucas Car Premium
Part Number: Lucas Premium LP078
Weight: 15.50kg
Dimensions: 243.00mm (L)
175.00mm (W)
175.00mm (H)
Volt: 12
Capacity (AH): 55
Cold Cranking (EN): 460
Terminal Layout: LH+
Hold Down: B13
Battery Type: Lead Acid
Guarantee: 3 Year
Application: Engine Start

Price excludes VAT


Lucas Premium LP078 Battery

Lucas Premium Batteries are built to the very highest of specifications to cope with today’s 
automotive electrical demands. Cars and vehicles require premium performance to meet the electrical demands of the latest technological features being designed into the newest models.  The Lucas Battery
brand promises that performance, no matter how harsh the conditions. 
That’s why drivers throughout the UK trust Lucas, for power they can trust.

The Lucas range consists of the following batteries:

» Classic
» Premium
» Supreme
» Fusion
» Premium CV
» Leisure & Marine
» Dual Purpose Marine/Leisure XV Supreme
» Motosport and Motorcycle
» Golf AGM
» Mobility
» Industrial Traction XC