Duracell DA72 Advanced Car Battery (100)

Manufacturer: Duracell Advanced
Part Number: DA72
Weight: 16.00kg
Dimensions: 278.00mm (L)
175.00mm (W)
175.00mm (H)
Volt: 12
Capacity (AH): 72
Cold Cranking (EN): 660
Terminal Layout: R/H+
Hold Down: B13
Battery Type: Lead Acid
Guarantee: 4 Year
Application: Engine Start

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Duracell 100 / DA72 Starter Car Battery

The Duracell Advanced is the embodiment of the Duracell Automotive brand quality! This power source meets the highest demands of leading vehicle manufacturers, so it is the ideal battery for the modern car.

Its construction combines full calcium technology for improved starting power, with the highest possible safety via the double lid. This battery lid ensures the acid is fully contained even if the battery is tipped up or rolls over. Additional features include improved protection against external ignition, anti static buildup protection, and dual option remote venting.

Key Benefits  

  • Improved cold crank characteristics, maximum starting power
  • Supports high on-board power due to robust cyclical behaviour
  • Modern calcium technology - zero maintenance
  • Vibration resistant due to the bonding of the plates to the battery floor
  • Maximum leak and external ignition protection, superior ESD-safety