Leoch LPC12-18 Mobility Battery (12V 18AH) (LPC18-12) (18-12)

Manufacturer: Leoch Mobility
Part Number: Leoch LPC12-18
Weight: 6.20kg
Dimensions: 181.00mm (L)
77.00mm (W)
168.00mm (H)
Volt: 12
Capacity (AH): 18
Cold Cranking (EN): N/A
Terminal Layout: R/H+
Hold Down: N/A
Battery Type: AGM
Guarantee: 1 Year
Application: Deep Cycle

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Leoch LPC12-18 Mobility Battery (12V 18AH) (LPC18-12) (18-12)

For peace of mind when choosing a replacement Mobility Battery – choose Leoch.... The Professionals choice.

Leoch’s leading AGM Technology gives more power, longer life, completely sealed, no leaks, and no maintenance. They are designed for all powered wheelchairs, electric scooters, lifts and hoists. Leoch’s Extra Deep Cycle capability provides up to 30% more power for more trips, longer journeys & longer life.

Leoch also manufacture the charger to suit, so you know you have the correct charger for your battery. We can offer a special price for the battery and charger combo. All Leoch batteries and chargers are fully guaranteed for 12 months.

General Features      
1. Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free
2. Special grid alloy: less gassing, less self-discharging  
3. For longer cycle life: special paste formula, over dimensioned negative plate, optimised 
manufacturing process , additives for deep discharge
4. Special anti-vibration design
5. High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit
6. ABS material: increase the strength of battery container
Typical Applications      
1. Electric tools   
2. Mobility Vehicles  
3. Lawn mowers  
4. Golf trolleys and golf cart  
5. Portable apparatus, lights and instruments  
6. Electric toys  
7. Illumination light  
8. Fire alarms  
9. Portable power   
10. Wheelchairs  
11. Medical equipments