Trojan 6V-AGM (6V AGM)

Manufacturer: Trojan AGM
Part Number: Trojan 6V AGM
Weight: 29.00kg
Dimensions: 260.00mm (L)
181.00mm (W)
274.00mm (H)
Volt: 6
Capacity (AH): 200
Cold Cranking (EN): 1100
Terminal Layout: Opp Corners
Hold Down: B0
Battery Type: AGM
Guarantee: 2 Years
Application: Deep Cycle

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Trojan 6V-AGM Battery

Trojan Battery Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. Trojan batteries are built on our historically-proven deep-cycle technology and designed to meet the complex requirements of today’s advancing applications for renewable energy, golf, heavy-duty truck, aerial/scissor lift, floor machine, RV and marine.